Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity


About the Book

Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman is one of the tech world’s most accomplished executives in enterprise growth, having led Snowflake to the largest software IPO ever after leading ServiceNow and Data Domain to exponential growth and the public market before that.

In Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity, he shares his leadership approach for the first time.

A Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller, Amp It Up delivers an authoritative look at what it takes to transform an organization for maximum growth and scale. Slootman shows that most leaders have significant room to improve their organization’s performance without making expensive changes to their talent, structure, or fundamental business model—and they don’t need to bring in an army of consultants to do it. What they do need is to align people around what matters and execute with urgency and intensity every day.

Leading for unprecedented growth means declaring war on mediocrity, breaking the status quo, and making conflicted choices daily, all with a relentless focus on the mission. Amp It Up provides the first principles to guide that change, and the tactical advice for organizing a company around them.

Perfect for executives, entrepreneurs, founders, managers, and leaders of all kinds, Amp It Up is a must-read resource for anyone who seeks to unleash the growth potential of a company and scale it to heights they never thought possible.


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Over the last 20 years, I have been fortunate to watch Frank Slootman build a Hall Of Fame career. In Amp It Up, he shares his must-read offensive game plan for your business. Unlike most CEO books today, this is a plain-spoken, hard-driving, attack-oriented, precision-obsessed offense. If you want to be the best – Amp It Up is for you.

Brad Gerstner

Founder & CEO, Altimeter Capital

In my 30+ year experience as a venture investor I have never seen anyone rival Frank’s operating know-how. With Frank, it all starts and ends with hardcore and focused execution. ‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable’, ‘hope is not a strategy’, and ‘the best way to build a brand is to get more customers’ are some of the mantras by which Frank has taught us to live. There is no doubt that he has made many of us better board members, as we assist other CEOs along their journeys.

Doug Leone

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Frank Slootman is one of the best performing CEOs there is. This book is essential reading for every leader who aspires to motivate teams, inspire excellence, and deliver beyond expectations.

Bill McDermott

President and CEO, ServiceNow

Amp It Up is a terrific read for leaders and future leaders, whether they are at a start-up, an SMB, or a big company. As a CEO, Frank exudes total clarity on what to do, and equally as important what not to do…so if you are looking for a must-read about leadership, being focused on your mission, and executing at the highest levels, this is the book!

Joe Tucci

former Chairman and CEO, EMC

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had a front-row seat to watch Frank Slootman’s operational excellence on display at Data Domain, ServiceNow, and Snowflake. What makes Frank the best technology CEO on the planet: he sets and then beats unreasonably high expectations; he is a high-integrity people leader; he makes the strategy clear to all; and he is a fearless leader willing to do whatever it takes to win. Amp It Up is a must-read book for anyone looking to take their team and organization to the next level.

Mike Speiser

Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures

Frank worked for me as Data Domain became EMC and – wow! – what an incredible leader. He built an intensity around clear business priorities and the customer value proposition and drove it through the organization daily. Amp It Up tells that story and how it can be recreated in other organizations.

Pat Gelsinger

CEO, Intel

Frank Slootman brings his experience of delivering success into plain sight for all of us to learn and be inspired by: simplify the value proposition, focus on the customer, take away distraction and confusion, relentlessly drive execution with excellence, faster… Amp It Up is a recipe we can all apply.

Frans van Houten

CEO of Royal Philips

Frank Slootman Forbes

Currently serves as Chairman and CEO at Snowflake. Frank has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive in the enterprise software industry. Mr. Slootman served as CEO and President of ServiceNow from 2011 to 2017, taking the organization from around $100M in revenue, through an IPO, to $1.4B. Prior to that, Frank served as President of the Backup Recovery Systems Division at EMC following an acquisition of Data Domain Corporation/Data Domain, Inc., where he served as the Chief Executive Officer and President, leading the company through an IPO to its acquisition by EMC for $2.4B. Slootman holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from the Netherlands School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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